This is where I'm putting real and fictional rodents that give me seratonin

I like rodents.

Credentials: I own 9 rats atm and have owned 14 rodents overall since 2019. I love rats so god damn much and I frequently cry over them, both because of the rodent allergy and just how much I love these little critters. (If you dislike rats, please don't tell me. I will be irrational.)

Here's a list of the rodent I currently got in my home:

(^ These fellas need to be resized properly soon, but for now, they big chillin' :•] )

Oh! I also have a google doc of what the rats have written when the walk on my keyboard! 2 rats writings won't be shown though. I still need to set up a proper tribute for those 2 before I feel okay with showing off stuff about them...

Donna: Z

Donna: -000-----------+\9]77`1-+

10/2 Donna: 5]000+++++

1/8 Lucy: 44003333336y-- 

2/7 Empress:  f0]0-

2/18 Donna: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\k.glf T]\

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