Hello, Hello, and Welcome to my Website!

I'm currently tryin' to learn HTML+css and how to actually build this site, so thing's are definetly gonna be buggin' and ugly for the next longest while...

A quick about me; My name is Squid (As seen in the url :•] ), I am a Junior in high school, I do things such as art of many mediums, Music, Writing, and hopefully soon, programming and game development! My biggest intrest are horror and surrealism, Vocaloid, and seeing others amzing creations! At the curennt moment though, my biggest intrest is Slay the Princess by Black Tabby Games!

I thank you kindly for showing up here, despite its current messy state.

If ya wanna find me somewhere else, here are the places I frequent:

Uhhhhhhh... If you wanna contact me for any reason, It's best goin' to one o' those funky sites and shootin' me a Dm! I'm always open and welcome conversation! (If you're down, I'd love some critque of my site or some advice! I could really use help buildin' this place haha...)

Also, many apologies for the current blindingly terrible apearence of this place! I'm still working on the assets I plan to use, and I need to figuring out how to actually use css...

Have this weird little creature in the mean time:

I made a button! Ig I'll use this as a lil 'Return to homepage' thingy for this site. Maybe I'll change that later but Idk

Quick little test to see if this works!

Actually, I don't know how the frick fracking fuck people make sites with things placed everywhere, like, When they have something not pressed up again the left hand side of the site or they have those cool boarders and stuff. I'm just fucking around and finding out lmao.

I plan to move this segment to a different page-spot but this is gonna but a mini update log/diary section while I learn how to program and make this site better! I won't be a daily thing on purpose, but it most likely will be for the next while.

Last Updated: Jan/25/2024

Idk what I'm doing, Ha ha...

Here's a wip portfolio thing for art

here's one for music

and this is gonna be a place for rodent stuff :•]

Jan/24/2024 8:24 pm:

I made a landing page for this site! It's very bear bones at the moment, Just 2 blinkees and an under construction stock gif, but it'll do :•] (Once I figure out how to actually add it, that is, ha ha...)! I also found that Funky by Royal Treatment Plant is the perfect song to code to! I still can't believe that it was actually found after over a decade of searching! Stupid fun fact, the first ever version of the song uploaded to the internet the exact same day I was born! If it was still lost I would've made one of those "Died (Insert date), Born (Insert date), Welcome back (subject of death)" memes lol. Any way, the search for the song actually inspired me to finally buckle down and tidy up the place!!! If you check my profile on neocities, It says this site was first made Feb/13/2023, but I only started doing stuff with it now, 1. Becuase I got perfectionism procrastination 'If I can't do this thing perfectly, then it's not worth it! The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but you didnt so might as well never think about tress again!' Kinda mentality that I've slowly been workin' my way out of And 2. School and summer school obsorbed all my time like they normally do, so I didnt really manage this stuff well. But hey, It'll be fun havin' a poorly made lil place to call my own, And if said lil place makes someone happy, then I did a good job!...Wow, This first entry is a lot more emotinal than I expected... But yeah! I can't wait to keep adding more and more fun things here!!!

Jan/25/2024 12:32 pm:

I've showed most of my family my site, and they think it's pretty neat! My older sibling liked the test page, me and her have bonded over the stupid gnome series, lol. I like rtvs stuff, she likes stupid jokes and stuff, so we ended up both loving the series! They still haven't watched the final episode though >:•/. I quote that stupid lil bastard more than I should, Every time I die in salmon run and spam 'help!' The gnome's sobbing just plays in my head at max volume.

Jan/25/2024 4:27 pm:

I've been trying to work on making this place asthecically nice and stuff, but man, I am having a hard time figuring out css... html I got the hang of for the most part, But getting my brain to pick up on css is like pulling teeth. I'm still having fun with everything, but dammit I'm a little frustrated with all this! I made a few silly asset for this place, but I'm kinda nervous to try and fix them in here lol

Oh yeah! The format I'm currently usin' for this whole place was made by DasGeekChannel on GitHub!