Hello and welcome. This is a place where I talk to nothing and no one. I don't disavow anyone who wishes to listen, sit and stay if you want, but you can leave when and however. This place wasn't made for others, or even me in all honesty, but this is where I let what ever is on mind reside. If you do stay, don't bother what rests here, pay them no mind, no matter how fresh or old their wounds are, any poking and proding just leads to more of them spawning. I can't heal their wounds, they can't get worse, they just rest.

Now, If you want to stay and hear my words, I supose that's an act of kindness. Stay or leave, results are the same.

It's nice having a new place to store my stupid woes. It's much better than letting my brain ouroboros it's self on the same conversations, rants, and arguments. I'm rather tired in all honesty. Both in my brain being over worked again and not having slept enough last night. I think I might have a perception altering disorder. One of those things that make ya see and hear stuff, have speedy thoughts, not really feel all there, more like a passenger than a driver... all that fun stuff. It if health care was better in my city, A label would have most certainly been placed on what ever's happening in my skull. But I've been through 8 therapists and 4 psycologists if memory servers. non of them have been a big enough pressence in my life to give me any awnsers. If things dont get better soon, next doctors appiontment I'll confess to them funky passive suicidal thoughts that have been there my entire life. they dont bother me any more, and I got plans in place to save myself if they become worse, but I know it'll get something going. good or bad, I don't care. last time I did that, I was ten and it started me down my mental health journey. It did something, just upset me and made what cuased the issues so much worse, but that's it. but I'm willing to take that gamble again. it is vegas, baby, that's the only way things work here and I'm not to keen on not functioning in my day to day life. I know something will change. even if it's just short term. but I've been in the same long term spot for... honestly depends what we're talking about here. Apologise for dumping all this on here before even finishing the layout. I'll most likely delete this portion and throw it to the way side. but for now, It'll sit here. It's a part of my life dealing with this, and I build this site with parts of my life. It was gonna seep in here eventually.

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