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•I'm currently tryin' to learn HTML+CSS and how to actually build this site, so things are definitely gonna be buggin' and maybe ugly for the next while...

Any way, Thank you for taking a look around my little corner of the web! A quick about-me; My name is Squid (As seen in the url :•] ), Male (He/him & It/it's but whatever works for the bit is also good)I am a junior in high school, I do things such as art of many mediums, Music, Writing, and hopefully soon, programming and game development! My biggest(Non-specified)interests are horror and surrealism, vocaloid, seeing others amazing creations, and my own dumb little stories! At the current moment though, my biggest interest is'Slay the Princess by Black Tabby Games!

hhhnnng boumtton:

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I thank you kindly for showing up here, despite its current messy state!

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*Loud sobbing* I dont know how to move this main box over, bro... I got the yellow one to the side, but now everythings all out of place duuuuude.....

•Feb/23/2024 5:21 pm:

I made a litte wip gaming page! It's just gonna have a bunch of info about computer games I recommend.!It's not that good-looking right now, haha... Honestly, I'm really tired atm. I had a long day and my brain is not doing well. Watching Deltarune content makes me dissociate for some stupid reason, but the theories are so fun and HalfBreadChaos dropped a new video on Dess lol Maybe someday I'll be better at programming and'll finally make somethin' that people love almost as much as Toby's works. That's the dream. I've had so many game and story ideas that have always wanted to make stuff with, but I don't have the reasources or skill for it yet. Anyway, Yeah, We got a gaming page up. Oh, also, Filian saw the drawing I did for the contest today! she thought It was funky :•]

•Feb/19/2024 5:06 pm:

Hello,hello,world!How have you been?I don't know how I've been,to be honest.Could be better,could be worse,goods and bads,all that stuff.Because of trip ups in Vegas health care,I ended up without my anti-depressants for the past 10ish days.I would be okay with that if it was just my brain chemicals being screwed with and the classic mental illness mood swings,but the physical withdrawal symptoms...They fuckin' suck, Imma just be blunt here, they've made doing anything a pure pain in the ass.Head aches every evening on the dot,appetite being non-existent,and the inconic widthdrawl shakes™,have not been the most fun and funky things to deal with.On an unrelated note,I dragged myself out of some art block!I changed up the actual process behind doing lineart and it made everything go by so much quicker and be so much more fun!On the downside,it was Homestuck x Filian crossover fan art I made for shits and giggles,so the first drawing I've made progress on in months is cringe meet cringe... Here's a wip of the fan art...

I'm making it for Filian's art contest.....Idk if I'll win, but I think it'd be funny for Filian to have Homestuck fanart appear on stream.Also,my classpect analyses spend too much time in my brain,so I gotta extract Filian Witch of Void somehow.

•Feb/16/2024 4:58 pm:

Idk why,But I just feel like putting in a list of the kindas stuff I've been crafting, both for this site and for fun.

  • I'm working on putting all the remixed music I've made into one ep so I can get over my fear of uploading things (Especially my music and singing). It's gonna be uploaded when I got some art made for each song that's completed, but my guess for an upload date is 'round summer this year.Minimum,It'll have 5 songs. Maximum, who fuckin' knows.
  • I've been making a fan-made comic for Slay the Princess that's...honestly really self-indulgent.If you want to check out the only current public stuff out there for this,here ya go!It's just my sona taking the place of the protag and going through the game, but with a bunch more fan made princesses and routes. It's mostly just a way to give all the fan-made chapters I've had in my brain a place to reside with my sona as a placeholder for ease of writing and for fun. First issue will probably be dropped early to mid-March if my brain doesn't make everything harder.It'll either be the first route taken (The stranger.) or The damsel. The main thing holding me back is not knowing what the hell I'm doing with the designs for the voices.
  • I'm working on making a bunch of funky little off shoots for this entire site with just things I like. I got (so far) a page with music I enjoy, a page with free to use assets for others, games I find fun, a movie theater with videos and movies that inspire me and I want to share, and a proper credits and inspiration page (get that segment out of the box over there).
  • So, yeah, that's the stuff I've been crafting behind the scenes! If everything goes to plan and I dont get overwhelmed with school, this place'll be much more lively!!!

    •Feb/15/2024 8:45 pm:

    Yippee!Rats!On my website!It's more likely than you think!!! I finally updated a part of my site with actually content! A big ol' list of my pet rats and the rodent gifs I've collected over the months! I'm so happy!!!It(just like everything else here lol)is still very early in work,but it's something! and I'm so happy it's there!!!

    •Feb/12/2024 12:42 pm:

    Messed around with the layout of the art section! Dosen't look the best rn,but I plan to change that soon!

    •Feb/11/2024 7:35 pm:

    Big update today!!!I made the base for theportfolio sectionand reordered this section to be from newest to oldest rather than the invert!It just kinda made sense if this is an update log to have it be recent to older.I'm really proud of myself, even those theses are really small changes!

    •Feb/10/2024 2:20 pm:

    So turns out my geustbook has been busted... that uh... That's not good.So that'll havr to be down for a bit 'til I figure out where things went wrong.That kinds sucks tbh...I'm gonna wait a bit to actually get to fixin' it.Fill out this site a bit more and stuff.I also widened the site so I feel more motivated to add things and fill in space!

    •Feb/4/2024 6:58 pm:

    There was something here.I realized it was something most people would not want to see.A bit too personal and sad for a front page.It has a home now.Read if you want,but there's nothing there, really.

    •Feb/4/2024 6:15 pm:

    My brain hasn't been well today.it's like this a lot but it's the first time it's happened since making this web page. Classic sunday blues paired with depersonalization and 3 hours of site hopping hasn't lead down well for me.tommorw is another day,but i'll still mourn today. I hope I'll do better tommorow.I plan to re draw a bunch of assets and make knew ones for this little place,maybe finally fill out the navigation bar,Hopefull I'll do something. But I don't know.I never really know.I'm just hopping back and forth from the same handful of online locations 'til my eyes scream...when I finally get around to making a place to store my edgy writing and poetry,I'll add this log first, haha...

    •Feb/3/2024 1:22 pm:

    I figured out how to add a scroll bar! this section is gonna be a lot cleaner now!

    •Feb/2/2024 12:56 pm:

    Testing, Testing! I got a Guest book in place! It's bear bones and as can be,and not the prettiest looking thing,but If you wish to leave a note or some words,please feel free too!I'm so happy I got this in place! I gotta give credit though to Nexus2spectra becuase I found the actual stuff to get a geustbook from their site! Go look at thier cool site and send them a hello! (Also, if you do leave a note on my guest book please leave your own site rather than your email, I'm trying to change that-)

    •Jan/31/2024 6:10 pm:

    Update to the previous entry;We makin' progress! I'm figuring stuff out,but now I got another problem,What the fuck is a javascript???I know this langueage is probably the coolest funkiest silliest most enriching thing to ever come to programming,but what the fuck dude.what is this?I can't wrap my head around this stupid thing at all. I'm gonna keep at it and keep trying,but right now,what the fuck?

    •Jan/31/2024 1:03 pm:

    Update to the previous entry;What the fuck is a frame???Apologise,y'all, you're gonna be seeing an annyoin' lil box in the upper coner of this site for the next while, but hey, at least I got a jumpin' off point?But yeah,sorry about that-

    •Jan/28/2024 10:17 pm:

    Yesterday I screwed around withMelonKing's scroll bar/ navigation bar code to try and figure out how he did it. Honestly, making something like that (or similar) is my top priority! I wanna move all the navigation stuff off to the side, so I can have everything else be front a center! Then I'll start expirimenting with making things artsy and weirder!So stay tuned for that if you wanna(and maybe give me the cheat codes for HTML and CSS/hj)!

    •Jan/29/2024 12:48 pm:

    I added brick rat.look at him.in that yellow box.brick rat.

    •Jan/27/2024 2:51 pm:

    I've finally made this page the new look for my site! I got the old version saved tho... just for the memories :•]... I'm really happy with how everything looks so far and I'm so excited to start adding new things! my next goal is a geust book, then making all the links in the header lead to something (w or w/o any quality stuff in the page). I honestly never thought I'd make something this good(even if itis99.99999%other peoples work)!I can't wait to keep this up!!!

    •Jan/25/2024 4:27 pm:

    I've been trying to work on making this place asthecically nice and stuff,but man,I am having a hard time figuring out css...html I got the hang of for the most part,But getting my brain to pick up on css is like pulling teeth.I'm still having fun with everything, but dammit I'm a little frustrated with all this!I made a few silly asset for this place,but I'm kinda nervous to try and fix them in here lol

    •Jan/25/2024 12:32 pm:

    I've showed most of my family my site,and they think it's pretty neat! My older sibling liked the test page, me and her have bonded over the stupid gnome series, lol. I like rtvs stuff, she likes stupid jokes and stuff, so we ended up both loving the series! They still haven't watched the final episode though>:•/.I quote that stupid lil bastard more than I should,Every time I die in salmon run and spam 'help!' The gnome's sobbing just plays in my head at max volume.

    •Jan/24/2024 8:24 pm:

    I made a landing page for this site! It's very bear bones at the moment,Just 2 blinkees and an under construction stock gif,but it'll do :•] (Once I figure out how to actually add it, that is, ha ha...)! I also found that Funky by Royal Treatment Plant is the perfect song to code to! I still can't believe that it was actually found after over a decade of searching!Stupid fun fact,the first ever version of the song was uploaded to the internet the exact same day I was born!If it was still lost I would've made one of those "Died (Insert date), Born (Insert date), Welcome back (subject of death)" memes lol.

    Any way, the search for the song actually inspired me to finally buckle down and tidy up the place!!! If you check my profile on neocities, It says this site was first made Feb/13/2023, but I only started doing stuff with it now, 1. Becuase I got perfectionism procrastination 'If I can't do this thing perfectly, then it's not worth it!The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,but you didn't, so might as well never think about tress again!' Kinda mentality that I've slowly been workin' my way out of And 2.School and summer school obsorbed all my time like they normally do,so I didnt really manage this stuff well.But hey,It'll be fun havin' a poorly made lil place to call my own,And if said lil place makes someone happy,then I did a good job!...Wow,This first entry is a lot more emotinal than I expected...But yeah!I can't wait to keep adding more and more fun things here!!!

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